Philadelphia Birth Doulas

Philadelphia Birth Doulas

Philadelphia Birth DoulasPhiladelphia Birth Doulas
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Birth Doula

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Certified birth doulas in the Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey area with over 8 years experience. Keli has attended close to 400 births by 2020.  By your side throughout pregnancy and your birthing. Our team is available to you from the moment we start working together so you will always have someone by your side when you need it most.   We support all birth choices and outcomes. 

Our goal is to serve those looking for the very best in comprehensive, compassionate, and personalized doula care. Every birth is unique and you choose how you prefer to birth.  We want birth to be a very positive and joyful experience.

Childbirth Education

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Childbirth education classes are highly encouraged. Understanding the birth process and your choices in childbirth are an important part of creating a positive experience.  In addition to group classes, flexible private classes can be scheduled to meet your needs.

We offer a private 3 week comprehensive childbirth class or a one day private childbirth intensive preparation class. Postpartum classes include breastfeeding and intro to newborns and postpartum care.  We also highly recommend other childbirth educators within the area to find the right class for you.  Please ask for class outlines and more information.

Hypnobabies Classes

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Hypnobabies​ is a complete childbirth course​, that also teaches valuable self-hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques. Mom uses the self-hypnosis techniques to automatically produce a natural anesthesia throughout her body, using the power of the mind. These are the same medical hypnosis techniques that some people use to create natural anesthesia for surgeries without drugs!  We teach physical, verbal and mental hypnosis birthing techniques.

Hypnobabies allows women to enjoy childbirth remaining deeply relaxed while walking, talking and changing positions; being as mobile as they would like to be during childbirth. Hypnobabies is known for creating more comfortable labors. 

Postpartum Doula

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To ensure that you receive the best possible care for you and your newborn baby, I will stay in close contact with you after your birth to provide support and answer any questions you may have.  

Daytime and overnight postpartum doula services are also offered in the comfort of your home. The goal is to stay connected with you for a healthy postpartum period.  In addition to infant care, recovery, and postpartum emotional support we are also happy to offer assistance with any number of other household tasks (within my scope of practice- please inquire).

Prenatal Yoga


Keli is a certified Vinyasa and prenatal yoga instructor. I began my yoga practice in 2009 as a way to cross train my body.  I quickly noticed the benefits of yoga strengthening both my body and mind. 

Classes are designed to nurture, challenge and relax your body, while inspiring confidence and relaxation through pregnancy and birthing. Whether you are experienced or new to yoga I will guide you through movement, breathing and meditation. I encourage you to share what you are looking for through your practice. I love practicing and teaching yoga.

Belly Binding

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Bengkung belly binding is a traditional Malaysian form of wrapping that provides gentle yet firm support for the womb, spine, and abdominal muscles after birth. It is possible binding may help you regain your pre-pregnancy shape faster but more importantly speed the healing process by gently assisting your muscles and organs back into place. Belly binding also helps you maintain proper posture while breastfeeding and babywearing, warding off potential backaches. Benefits postpartum recovery and wellness.

meet KELI

Philadelphia Birth Doula, Mainline doulas

Keli Engleson Fortman, DONA, HCHD, HCHI, IPPA

I felt an instant connection to birthing during the birth of my niece in 2008. I look back at the experience as one of my fondest and most life changing memories.  I've worked as a birth doula for six years attending over 200 births. I am also a childbirth educator, Hypnobabies teacher, postpartum doula, prenatal yoga instructor, and Ironman triathlete.  I also offer breastfeeding support and belly binding.  I enjoy all things health and wellness related. I love what I do and am passionate about childbirth. Birth can be a joyful and beautiful experience.  My goal (Read more...)



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